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21: Introduction to Testing and QA

July 20, 2015

Dain answers questions he’s received about QA, discusses the process of automated unit testing, and shows how qa engineers and qa in general works within a team environment. He also touches on best practices and ways to get started *right now* with testing your own code!

  • Capybara – Rails “integration testing” framework.
  • Jasmine jQuery – JavaScript testing API for Jasmine that matches against the DOM and can do CSS, HTML, etc matching.
  • Jasmine – JavaScript testing framework, called “Behavior Driven” on site. For right now if you don’t know what is you can ignore it. Behavior driven development is a bit of a more advanced iteration that I don’t think adds value to your education if you are new to testing.
  • Mocha – Alternative to Jasmine (another JS testing framework).
  • RSpec – Rails testing framework (the one most people I know would recommend).
  • Bluehost – Host a site $3 – $5/month

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  • Josiah August 5, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Oh nice, a podcast on testing and QA. That’s great since I just started a job doing Rails testing and QA just this week :)

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