The best place to start & grow your dev career


Over the years, I have used an enormous number of products and services that have helped me transform every area of my life.

This page contains all of the best resources that I’ve used to that you can always come to to improve different aspects of your life.  Whether you want to improve your health or fitness levels, build a side business, or improve your relationships – this section provides tools and resources to help you make it happen.


StartHereFM – My fundamentals focused podcast network. We currently have two podcasts, Start Here: Web Development and Start Here: Ruby on Rails.

Start Here to Build a Reading Habit – My eBook on the importance of reading, and how a reading habit can change your life. I would love you forever if you bought it, less than a cup of coffee! :)


Team Treehouse – Check out Team Treehouse to grow as a programmer! By far my favorite out of Code School, Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera, etc. Team Treehouse rocks.