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The Advanced Beginner Challenge – The best course to get your first job in web development. All done over email for your convenience.


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Start Here: Web Development Podcast

Start Here: Ruby on Rails Podcast

Start Here: Book Club Podcast * COMING SOON

Start Here: Investing * COMING SOON


Client Proposal Template for Freelancers – Closed The World Bank as client w/this.


TinyPress – Minimal GitHub blogging engine. * We apologize, but due to a server side issue that is non recoverable, TinyPress is currently unstable in v1. V2 is under development rapidly, and we are recording our progress as we go!

Recommended Online Learning Platform for Developers

Team Treehouse – Check out Team Treehouse to grow as a programmer! By far my favorite out of Code School, Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera, etc. Team Treehouse rocks.


Any books that are not clickable are still in progress. 🙂

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