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What’s the Most Important Thing About Starting a Career in Web Development?

March 15, 2015

Build Your Portfolio

The best thing you can do is to build stuff. Don’t wait until you finish a class or until you know more, just do it now and keep building.

Having a portfolio, of projects you built for yourself and/or for other people, is the most important part of getting a career. This industry is very much like traditional design, employers expect to see your work.

The best thing about the industry is the many paths you can take to get a career. That also means that having a title or a piece of paper doesn’t mean as much as in other careers. We have to show our work. This is one reason why Dain is a proponent of working on open-source projects, contributors are listed publicly and their contributions are documented.

Build stuff using the tools and language(s) that are used in the career you want.

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